Can you just take your car to a junk yard?

So you're in SoCal, let's pretend for the sake of this article you're in San Diego, it's blue skies and 75 degrees outside. You hold a coffee mug and you step outside of your house, you see palm trees, some succulent plants, the occasional butterfly and out of the corner of your eye sits a faded out late 90's model Honda right at the end of your driveway, and it is an absolute eye sore! It's been sitting there for years now, and the view is ruined. A junk car in your driveway can stop the birds from signing, more importantly your neighbors are probably not talking to you, and it just dawned on you right now that they are as upset about your junker as you are right at this moment. This is where Cash For Your Car San Diego can help you get rid of this rustic piece of scrap car.

Lets first explore some options, and lets start with the most common one. List it on Craigslist!
Yes you can! let's dig up that paperwork. Ok paperwork CHECK! oh wait, your registration is way behind. No one is going to buy your junk car and pay for all the registration fees. Let's say for the sake of argument your paperwork is up to date, and tags are current. A buyer comes out, all you want for this is just enough to get some groceries and gas for your other newer car. Now the hassle, the "what will it take" deal making, the call backs, no calls, no shows, last second price fixing. This is the first option that most sellers take, and they don't realize how difficult it is to actually sell a car that is a piece of junk.

Lets move onto just junking the car, usually these are non operational vehicles, so question one is "How do you take a junk car to a junk yard" if the car doesn't drive? Lets hire a tow truck and pay them a fee to take it to the yard. What happens at the junk yard? Depending on the location and shape of your junker, the price can fluctuate from $50 - to about $200. Most junk yards will try to salvage as much of the vehicle as possible and then scrap the rest for raw material (metal, plastic etc..) This is rather a quick process, but you're at the mercy of the junk yard taking your car. After hauling it there, you have to start haggling with them, and what will happen if they say, NO the most i can give you is $50 when you've just spent $80 on a tow truck?

This brings us to your Best and really lets be honest ONLY option, just call Cash For Your Car San Diego, we have over 20 years experience buying cars, be it junk cars, or fully running newer cars in great shape. We have optimized the buying process. We will pay top dollar for any car, we will come to you if you're located anywhere in San Diego County, from Oceanside to Ramona, from Escondido to Chula Vista, from Santee to Coronado. Cash For Your Car San Diego will clean up your drive way, pay you cash for your car, and tow the eyesore away the same day. Give us a call (760) 533-3960

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