What paperwork is required when selling a car

You've been driving your car for many years, the seat is a bit ripped, there are coffee stains all over the carpets, and you remember each one. For a while you thought if your car qualifies as a classic because it seems you've been driving it for decades! Well, after all this time the trusted steed needs to go to a better home. A home that will treat it like you did when you first got it. You listed the car a few times, then you took the listing off, changed your mind, had seller anxiety. On, Off, On, Off, finally you found a sucker, of course i'm kidding, you found the new proud owner of the car that served you so many years. Now what?

Great! the seller and you are sitting at the table going over the required documents, neither of you remember what it takes to sell/buy a car. Something about a title, something about SMOG certificate? We all understand the confusion, but here are the answers.
1) Need your Registration (its a small piece of paper you get from the State of California after paying your registration fee for the year)
a. If you had non-op registration it's still a registration.
b. If you haven't paid your fees and forgot to register and let that lapse the buyer will have to pay all the fees you've forgotten to pay at full registered price.
The registration needs to be in your name, if you have this piece of paper you're good to go

2) This applies if you have #1 - the Bill of Sale, In the state of California you need to pay taxes when changing ownership of a vehicle (the buyer must pay this fee) For this you'll need a bill of sale which you can pick up at any DMV without standing in line, just go to the front desk and pick up a couple of copies in case you make some mistakes in the original.

3) Smog certification - this gets tricky if your registration isn't up to date, you probably haven't registered because the car didn't pass smog - we'll explain what you can do about this near the end of the article so mark this point.

4) ULTIMATE GOODNESS when selling a vehicle is the TITLE, all you need to really sell a car is the TITLE. If you have the title to the car just sign it in 3 spots where it says seller's signature. If those 3 fields are signed, the buyer needs NOTHING else. The DMV will check the history and will make the buyer pay any missed fees etc.

Ok lets talk about Smog Certification - this needs to be done when new buyer registers the car, if this is not done or if car doesn't pass smog, well you've got 2 options.
Go find a dealer buyer, there are a lot of buyers that buy junk cars to either part them out, or junk them completely. Yes you can junk it too, but how are you going to take your car to the junk yard if it's not registered.

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